Coding Role Model: May Maile, Senior Software Developer

April 11, 2023

This week we had a chat with May Maile who is a Senior Software Developer from Burgersfort. We asked him a few questions and we are inspired by his coding journey:

How did you get into coding?

My brother did IT, so I have seen him work with computers and I develop coding.

What do you do for a living?

I am a senior software developer at CSIR 

What does your work entail?

Writing technical requirement and mostly doing java coding and database design.

What do you enjoy about your work?

When I encounter technical issues then resolving them

What challenges, if any, did you face or currently face in your chosen field of work or study?

Most challenges I face are the one that I have little control like environment where application I develop run.

What is your greatest achievement?

Creating applications that make users’ life easier. Like Estate-Agent at Telkom and qualification verification application at SAQA

What advice would you give to a child who wants to take up a career in coding?

Enjoying solving problem and when encounter issues don’t give up.

What message do you have for your young self, if you were given an opportunity to talk to your younger self what advice or message would you give?

Keep learning more and more, cause knowledge gives you the ability to do work.