About Us

About Us

Codenwgana, literally translated as code child,

is an organization that offers coding and computational skills to children between the ages of 3 to 12 years. CodeNgwana’s unique value proposition is its focus on the African child, which distinguishes it from other coding initiatives, and offers a lasting solution to building coding skills in South Africa’s future generation. The unique value proposition to CodeNgwana is around cost, accessibility and curriculum. The program is designed to be an affordable solution, making it appropriate for lower income schools and parents. The coding curriculum is available in several African languages, making it accessible by both teachers and students. The curriculum includes bespoke case studies that are relevant to the African child.

The initiative builds an emphatic community by involving tutors, teachers, and students. With a spotlight on the African child, our impact extends far beyond the children we teach, to their communities and the wider coding community, and contributes to a future-ready South Africa. CodeNgwana is driving a digital culture in kids through various programs such as coding camps, holiday programs and private coding lessons. We help your children solve everyday problems and get set up for a lifetime of opportunities by teaching them coding. The nearly endless ways of coding and solving problems can inspire kids to grow. CodeNgwana teaches children how to remodel the technological world around them and help them become creators rather than just consumers of technology.
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Interested in a good extra mural activity for your child? Code Ngwana is the right decision!