Our Impact


Our Impact

Our most direct impact is by drastically changing the course of the child’s life. According to UNICEF, each additional year of education raises a person’s income by 10% and early childhood education is where investments have the largest impact - setting up children with foundational skills to build on. Coding imparts a wide range of skills that are considered imperative for the future.Coding improves computational and critical thinking that are important for problem solving. Children who learn to code, learn how to break down abstract ideas and concepts into simple, manageable terms and therefore learn key communication skills. These are all skills required in a digital future.
Our work also contributes to a richer coding community. One of our foundational values is our development of literature that is relevant to the African child. We make unique knowledge contributions by taking international best-practice materials and translating them into local languages, like isiXhosa, and adapting the illustrative examples to be relatable to South African children. We have also developed a framework of coding for the African child that can be taken to other countries across Africa.

Beyond augmenting the local literature, we are supporting a growing coding knowledge base and transferring knowledge and skills to teachers. This knowledge transfer is crucial to the longevity and scalability of CodeNgwana’s purpose.

CodeNgwana is helping to set South Africa up to harness the unprecedented opportunities presented by the digital transformation. CodeNgwana has an impact here in two ways: firstly by skilling our future workforce and then secondly, by providing opportunities for university students to become tutors. Our support for tutors not only cements their coding knowledge but also equips them with crucial work readiness skills - currently some of the biggest employability barriers.
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CodeNgwana's Impact

Is aligned with several SDG targets


Equal access to quality pre-primary education


Eliminate all discrimination in education


Increase the supply of qualified teachers in developing countries


Promote youth employment, education and training

Our work is directly contributing to critical sustainable development outcomes,

  1. Target 4.2 aims to see equal access to quality pre-primary education. CodeNgwana provides the opportunity for low-fee school students to access critical knowledge and skills through our coding lessons.
  2. Our contribution to locally relevant and accessible literature contributes to target 4.5 that aims to eliminate all discrimination in education.
  3. Another target for SDG4 is to increase the supply of qualified teachers in developing countries. Teachers in low fee schools that often haven’t engaged with IT or coding materials are equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently teach digital skills.
  4. Finally, our work with tutors contributes to SDG8 by promoting youth employment, education, and training.